Ozone ballast water treatment system

2019-10-17 16:23

How can the answer be improved?Ozone was formed in the machinery space by passing oxygenenriched compressed air between a series of watercooled electrodes discharging a high voltage (10, 000 V) electric arc or corona. This converted a portion of the oxygen present into ozone, which was introduced into the ballast water stream via a ozone ballast water treatment system

May 23, 2017 This ozone gas dissolves, decomposes and reacts with other chemical and kills organisms present in water and thus makes ballast safer to discharge in any ocean water. General Lay out of the system. The basic lay out of the system comprises of an ozone generator, injector unit, line filter, and neutralizer.

Ballast Water Treatment. That means that when used to treat ballast water, it performs the job of inactivating micro organisms, phytoplankton, and zooplankton that are present in the water, resulting in a greatly reduced number of non indigenous species released into the new eco system. The use of ozone also means that ballast water can be recycled and reused. Ozone is a promising treatment technology because it has been demonstrated to be effective and can be generated from shipboard sources. Technology Description. Several chemical biocide options are being evaluated for use against NIS in ballast water. ozone ballast water treatment system Ballast Water Treatment Systems Shipping is the only sustainable global means of transportation that can support our rampant consumption levels. As outlined by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) we must properly manage our ballast water.

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