Disk drive position servo system

2019-10-17 16:12

98 Paulinus Chinaenye Eze et al. : Servo Position Control in Hard Disk Drive of a Computer Using MRAC Integrating PID Algorithm conventional mechanisms exist for providing the reference as the servo writing is carried out [4.How can the answer be improved? disk drive position servo system

bust and perfect tracking (RPT) control method in the hard disk drive servo system. This paper focuses on the modeling and control design of the voice coil motor (VCM) actuator for hard disk RW heads. We will first obtain a model of the VCM actuator and then cast the overall servo system design into an RPT design framework.

This paper has presented a control system for readwrite (RW) head position control of a hard disk drive (HDD) using model reference adaptive control (MRAC) integrating proportional integral and derivative (PID) algorithm. It is desired that the (RW) head of a HDD be accurately positioned so as to maintain appropriate track during operation. This example shows how to use Control System Toolbox to design a digital servo controller for a disk drive readwrite head. For details about the system and model, see Chapter 14 of Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, by Franklin, Powell, and Workman. disk drive position servo system The sensitivity of the position of the readwrite head to external disturbances is also an important consideration in the design of controllers for disk drive servos. As computer disk drives become more mobile in laptop or handheld applications, new bumps and vibrations become common disturbances which must not affect the positioning control of

In this dissertation, the design of servo control algorithms is investigated to produce highdensity and costeffective hard disk drives (HDDs). In order to sustain the continuing increase of HDD data storage density, dualstage actuator servo systems using a secondary microactuator have been disk drive position servo system which is rotated by the spindle motor. The magnetic heads. AbstractIn the recent five decades, magnetic hard disk drives have been playing an important role in the development of digital technology. The increasing areal density has provided a lot of challenges for the hard disk drive servo control.

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